In today’s fast-paced world, laptops have become necessities. Their mobility allows users to get work done wherever they are; and this explains why most consumers opt to purchase notebooks over the traditional desktop computers. Over the years, manufacturers have come out with different innovations – from longer battery life to better screen resolution and powerful hard drive – to make laptops at par with the most powerful desktop models. These innovations make it harder to resist the lure of replacing an old notebook with a more current model.

So when do you replace your laptop? How do you know when it’s time to chuck out the old notebook and get a new model? LAPTOP provided a few insights into this issue.

Performance Issues

Replace Your Laptop Performance

Users typically start deciding on whether or not to get a new laptop when they start experiencing performance issues on the model they are currently using. This is not to say, however, that you should start scouting for a new laptop as soon as your computer starts getting sluggish. You want to try to find out what could be causing the slow performance first. Before you replace your laptop, troubleshoot these problems with more inexpensive upgrades to your RAM and hard drive.

Swapping Parts vs Buying A New Laptop

Replace Your Laptop - Parts

Sometimes, it’s a lot more economical to replace a part of the computer than to buy a brand new one. Do a survey of what could be wrong with your current device. For instance, battery replacements, RAM upgrades and additional disc-writing capabilities do not have to set you back by hundreds of dollars if you do your research right. Check out current rates and compare versus getting a new laptop of similar, if not, better computing power if you have upgraded your laptop’s current spare parts. PC Mag warns, however, that separate upgrades could add up and make replacing your old notebook more practical in the long run. Do your math before making the purchase.


Replace Your Laptop - Battery

Manufacturers upgrade laptop models every so often to keep up with latest software updates. If your computer is unable to run your choice operating system, applications and software, it might be time to start scouting for the latest models. New operating systems such as Windows 8 and the upcoming Windows 10 would have specific system requirements such as processor speed that can only be found in later notebook models. Also, if you’re looking for new capabilities such as for gaming or an ability to sync your notebook to a wireless home theater, only the newer models are going to suffice.

Portability is also another consideration when you want to replace your laptop. If your old notebook is weighing you down or if the battery life is still too short for your needs, you will probably need to consider a replacement. Think about your usage – do you typically use your laptop outdoors or do you treat it like a desktop? Also, laptop parts such as the touchpad and the keyboard would have depreciated over time. If the keys are a bit too tough and unresponsive or if your touchpad simply refuses to cooperate, maybe it’s time to invest in a replacement.

North Dallas is a growing affluent district composed of several communities and neighborhoods north of the Dallas metropolitan area. Most of it is located in Dallas County although there are several communities that are situated in Denton and Collin Counties.


North Dallas - education

The area is considered one of the more expensive communities in Dallas. It is home to a number of reputable schools and universities making it an attractive destination for those who are moving into the city with their families. Wikipedia lists some of the many prominent educational institutions situated in this region including the Southern Methodist University, the University of Texas at Dallas and Texas A&M TAMU-Dallas campus.


North Dallas - areas

The area contributes substantially to the growing economy of the Dallas metropolitan area because it is also home to the headquarters of large tech companies and startups. Texas Instruments, one of the top manufacturers of semiconductors in the world has its headquarters situated in North Dallas.

Living Conditions

The suburbs in the northern part of Dallas are conducive to family living for a lot of reasons. Crime rate is relatively lower in this area. Interactive Magazine recently ranked the suburbs and neighborhoods in Dallas and most of the neighborhoods up north were ranked high in terms of in terms of livability.

Nearby Areas

Much of the growing charm of the North Dallas district is attributed to the fact that it is close to other more notable locations in the metro. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is located to the northwest of the district. This metropolitan area hosts a number of corporate headquarters. It is also an information technology hub owing to the emergence of prominent tech giants in this area.

Addison, one of the most popular suburbs in Dallas is also accessible from this district. There has been a growing interest in this area because unlike many suburbs, which have a more laid-back and subdued atmosphere, Addison is buzzing with life and activity, owing to its many attractions such as the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. The area also hosts several special events at the Addison 22 each year. WaterTower Theater is quite notable in that it regularly produces plays, musicals and live performances to cater to the northern Dallas area and beyond.


North Dallas - Lifestyle

Over past decade, the district has seen a number of development projects aimed at making the area a more attractive choice to those who want to relocate in Dallas. In the past, this area is mostly considered a residential district – composed of lower-to-middle class apartments, strip malls and parks meant to entice families. One might even think that this area is totally devoid of culture. These days, however, with the emergence of record stores and other similar outlet, this area on the northern part of Dallas is fast making a name as the newest music hotspot in the metro, according to the Dallas Observer. An interesting new development, The Compound, produces concerts and other musical productions, breathing new life to the Dallas community.

With numerous productions, developments and new businesses sprouting in this region and beyond, one can safely assume that something good is brewing on this side of the city and we can expect this quiet district in particular to become one of the more fertile grounds for cultural activity in the metro.

In the recent years, smartphones have become one of the most essential gadgets for us. No matter what brand you own, almost everyone keeps a smartphone with them. According to a report, by the year 2015, the number of smartphone users will go past 2 billion. However, the only common complaints that we hear from the consumers is that a smartphone battery does not last for too long. Nevertheless, we can overcome this issue by following a few simple tips and tricks discussed here:

Smartphone Battery

Screen Brightness

The colorful and vivid smartphone display screens can be tempting and you may like to keep the brightness to maximum. But, it is one of the biggest reasons why your smartphone battery dies quickly. On the other hand, automatic brightness option may look like the perfect option, but it can also lead to draining the battery.

So, the best way to go about this is to adjust the brightness to a lower level yourself and you will see an instant boost in your phone’s battery life.

Wireless Technologies

Conserve your Smartphone Battery

Almost all the smartphones come with built-in wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. No doubt they are extremely helpful, but they take a lot of juice to run these services. The general rule is to turn on these services only when essential. For instance, there is no point in keeping GPS or Wi-Fi on all the time when you aren’t even using it. Using these features only when needed will make a drastic change in your phone’s battery life.

Signal Strength

If you are in a remote location and your phone is not able to maintain strong signal strength, your phone battery will die very quickly. This happens because the phone keeps trying to maintain the signals with your cellular network and hence end up eating your battery. In such scenario, consider putting the phone to Airplane mode until or unless you are in a place where you get strong and stable network signals.

Screen Timeout

How to Conserve your Smartphone Battery

Setting the screen timeout duration to a minimum can also play a vital role in improving your phone’s battery life. Keeping the phone screen on when not in use is a big waste of power that can be saved by setting the timeout option to between 15 to 30 seconds.

You can find this option in most smartphones under display settings in the settings menu with the name “Screen timeout” or “Sleep”.


If your smartphone gets too hot too often, it can lead to a fast battery drain. There may be various reasons for this. First of all, if you have put on a pouch on your phone, try taking it off for a day and then observe your phone’s battery life. If it lasts longer, you should leave it off. On the other hand, if there are too many apps running on your phone, it can also lead to a high temperature. To encounter this, you should always close the apps after using them.

These are some of the basic smartphone battery optimization tips. By following these simple guidelines, you will definitely see a dramatic improvement in your phone’s battery life.